Saturday, September 19, 2009


Despite being a legacy to a talented family, Syamsul has always self-reliantly aspired to learn the ropes on the current and acclaimed hits both abroad and back home.Even after successfully directing and acting in 2 of the most acknowledged local blockbusters to date (Evolusi KL Drift and BOHSIA), Syamsul has always been an amicable and approachable young talent.This new compilation displays the protean talent Syamsul is able to deliver to his fans. He is thrilled and confident that he will captivate more through his new vista.
With a zeal in healing and helping others, this final year medical student incessantly endeavours to balance both his interests. Incited with passion and admiration for contemporary music, Anwar has strived to tread the boards. He has performed on savant stages starting from traditional Nasyid to the in vogue arias of today. Anwar is dauntless and exhilarated on the adept collaboration and promises to transact to his utmost aptitude to enchant the listeners.


siti fardatuladha abd rahman said...

Nice Shamsul. For me, u r the most humble artist in malaysia. u have ur mission n vision. im glad that knowing u as a talented artist here in malaysia. May Allah bless u and ur family as well as ur coming future :)

kipas-susah-mati(hard die fan) :)

merpati chienta ungu said...

Hye shamsul. u r such a talented artist in malaysia. in my opinion, u r the most humble artist in malaysia. walaupun u berada dlm kalangan keluarga yg berlatarbelakangkan seni, tp u have ur own character and kelainan yg tersendiri dalam menghasilkan karya seni yg exclusive . Tahnia. May Allah bless u and ur family as well as ur coming future n career.

Kipas susah mati (hard die fan)