Friday, February 5, 2010

EKLD II Synopsis (in English)

EKLD II Synopsis (in English) by Khad Frances

The life on the racing circuit between Zack & Sham continues to heat up, accompanied by those who refuse to back down even as the situation turns complex.

Zack is no longer an illegal street racer as he embarks onto the circuit as a professional drifter.

Meanwhile, Sham’s aspiration to become a drifter has been dashed after he met with a tragic accident which left him physically impaired.

Amidst the chaos, enters a female professional drifter by the name of Aleeya. Aleeya is envious of Zack’s exceptional skills on the track.

Joe escaped death despite his near-fatal car accident oblivious to everyone. Vengeance is portrayed on his scarred face as he pursue to destroy Zack & his people.

The police failed to discover vital evidence to implicate Carl so that he would be punishable by law. Carl was then dismissed with a harsh warning albeit he will be frequently monitored by the authorities.

Joe & Carl unite once again & aim to rebuild their fallen empire of illicit drug activities. Revenge against Zack & his people was top on his agenda list. But priority was on his desire to monopolise the drug trade in KL.

Inspector Kamal suspected Joe’s involvement in a few crimes involving murders.

As the scenes intensifies…

How will the conclusion be for these characters newfound life on the racing track?

Will they be able to reach the finish line without any complications?

Tighten your seatbelts and feel the vibrations in the new sequel of Evolusi KL Drift II.

-Khad Frances-

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